Get the latest updates, some fun facts, and all things tech for the world of Consumer Product Goods. We bring to you a combination of technological advancements coupled with AI ML-powered algorithms to boost your sales.

Improving Sales Efficiency for Bakeries

The bakery business is exclusive and different, owing to the shorter shelf life of the products [….]

Why Seek Consumer Goods Innovation?

As a manufacturer of Consumer Packaged Goods, you face a number of challenges. Some of […]

Using Mobile Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

In today’s ever-changing world, it is challenging to keep up with the competition. If we […]

Why You Should Be Using AI to Automate Route to Market

Our team of Ivy experts share their knowledge on the top rends that will impact consumer goods organizations. […]

Why You Need A Complete Last Mile Delivery Strategy

For customers, the ease and convenience of e-commerce delivery is an obvious advantage, but for […]

Using Ivy Mobility Insights to Make the Most of Your Shelf Space

Organizing shelf space is as crucial to retailers as having stock to sell. Without […]

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