Distribution Management System

The Only Cloud ERP for Your Secondary Sales Network

Create a win-win with Distributors for better earnings and greater productivity.

The Backbone of Your Distribution Operations

With our all-in-one solution for sales, marketing, distribution, and supply chain, you create a unified distribution process, ready for the future. Our solution supports channel management, master data management, pricing control, ordering, inventory control, trade promotions, claims, and field force automation.

Automate and monitor distributor activities for improved operational efficiency

Deliver shipments timely and manage routes across multiple sites, currencies, and languages

Reduce out-of-stock, sales opportunity loss, and other overheads

Track performance of sales reps and channels

Flexible purchase order management, easy claims settlement, and trade promotions management

Distribution Management

  • Complete visibility of secondary sales and inventory
  • Manage products, retailers, stocks, and suppliers from one solution
  • Streamline all processes like ordering, invoicing, promotions, claims and returns
  • Check credit statuses, print pick lists, routing loads, and everything else

Master Data

  • Create and maintain master data, and have full control over it
  • Integrate our solution with your existing ERP system and streamline the entire supply chain
  • Create and maintain geographical hierarchies, SKU hierarchies, catalogs, routes, and promotions


  • Accounting is made easy with our host of features to manage your most critical functions
  • Create and manage recurring entries, accruals, reversals, and budgets
  • Build custom financial reporting for your business with account groupings, custom columns, formulas, and more

Operational Control

  • Define credit norms and get alerts for an effective credit control
  • Run stock aging analysis across departments and track product shelf life
  • Track and define stock reversal and reconciliation criteria
  • Set-up multi-level approval workflows for critical business processes

Inventory Management

  • Create master data from the solution and have full control over it
  • Integrates our solution with your existing ERP system and streamline the entire supply chain
  • Create and maintain geographical hierarchies, SKU hierarchies, catalogs, routes, and promotions

Channel Performance

  • Create retailer channels or groups based on the nature of trade
  • Get complete visibility into activities and performance of each retailer channel
  • Provide channel-specific discounts or promotions and monitor them

Automated Bulk Allocation

  • Process bulk of your sales orders timely and streamline your order to cash process
  • Fulfill orders, generate picklist and van loading schedule in minutes, all through the power of automation

SKU Swapping

  • Improve order fill rates dramatically with our unique SKU swapping feature
  • Swap any out-of-stock SKU orders collected from the field with other products under the same SKU hierarchy
  • For example, you can swap the order of 1-liter water bottles with 500 ml water bottles

Trade Promotions

  • Create and monitor promotions for success and alter accordingly
  • Run promotions for a specific channel, account, market or other attributes
  • Quantity, amount, weight, or display-based promotions via flexible payouts, discounts or freebies

Raise Smart POs

  • Take your ordering systems out of spreadsheets and hand keying
  • Have complete control over your inventory with our ordering and forecasting capability
  • Replenish by factoring in your inventory levels, market demand, etc.
  • Build your specific business criteria for better forecasting of order quantity


Some of the questions we hear, we have tried to answer here. If you have some more questions,
please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Yes, our invoicing templates can be configured to meet your business requirements and can match your branding.

We offer end-to-end claim management. Our claims framework allows distributors to submit claims and track them. We support custom claim creation based on your business norms.

Our master data management allows you to create a hierarchy under most objects like SKUs, geographies, businesses, resources, etc. We can even enable hierarchy creation under custom objects that your business may have.
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